What’s happening…?


I’m working on Plastidisc’s first 7″ release (i.e. not a project for another label). Two sides of instrumental music with a definite ’60 surf-rock sort of sound, 50 copies only in hand-constructed, laminated card sleeves. Yes, it’s a lot of work. Hopefully I’ll have the first batch ready for sale in about a week’s time, all being well (and assuming the poly bags and mailers turn up on time). More news as we get it, etc.

What’s happening…?

Hello. First blog post, which should mirror the content on the Facebook group page fairly closely, for those who don’t ‘do’ that particular social networking thing.

So, April 2020. It’s taken a long time to get this thing going, and there’s probably some irony in that I needed a pandemic and society lockdown to really get my backside into gear. However, things are starting to roll. Hopefully not straight off a cliff.

Starting off with a long sold out 7″ for Adam Walton, I’ve done a ultra-limited run of singles for Swansea’s My-Ra Superstar, another one for Buried Treasure records (more on that soon, I think), and a real biggie for the lovely Castles In Space.

There are still a very few copies of the run of 100 left, link below. I was dead pleased with the sound I achieved on this one, and feedback from purchasers seems to be very positive. It’s packaged in CiS’s usual sumptuous way, and the music’s great too. So, that’s nice…